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Modules composed with Fast Tracker on PC since 1996 :

Songname: Type: Year: Description:
Hardcore Plastix .XM 1997 serious Dark Techno Tune
Harmonic Vibes .XM 1997 just a Dreamtrance Thing
Jungle Ninja .XM 1997 Last Ninja Jungle RMX
Lift off .XM 1997 the first Tune i composed with FT2
Passport for Tranceport .XM 1997 Trance Song with Acid Elements

Modules composed with Pro Tracker on Amiga before 1996 :

Songname: Type: Year: Description:
China .MOD 1992 Song was used in a Hardline Intro
Entering Cyberspace .MOD 1992 from the Subzero Music Disk
Flying .MOD 1995 fast Techno, kicks ass
Homerecord(ing) .MOD 1995 Techno Mix, take a look at the Drums
Homerecord(ing) TR .MOD 1995 Trance Mix, take a look at the Drums
Inspirations .MOD 1993 Chip Tune
On da Waves .MOD 1996 Scene Composing, just listen
Plastic Noises .MOD 1994 Coop Tune with Homicide of Alcatraz
Serious Problems .MOD 1993 Techno for the Cebitī93 Musiccompo
The Last Solution .MOD 1994 was done for a Dungeon Game
Total Lazyness .MOD 1993 Chip Tune
Young Dreams .MOD 1994 Inspirated by my Girlfriend / weired

Klick here for a LiveMod Experience ( ModPlug needed) : Total Lazyness