What you´ll find on this Page:

1. My Mods done with FT2 & Protracker.
2. 36 nice Winamp Skins
3. 52 nice Winamp 2.0 Skins 
4. Infos about me, myself and I
5. Links to famous Players/Trackers etc.

What´s new:

28.11.01 - New Site Update

Credits for this Page:

All HTML & Java coding, all Graphics and all Songs 
were created by myself. Except : Some nice Java 
Applets that is implemented on some Sections.
Thanks to Fabio Ciucci for that!

EMail Business:

If you find Errors, Mistakes, broken Links etc., 
please report by sending me a short Note. 
If you´ve downloaded one or more of my Tunes, 
don´t forget to give me a comment on them.

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